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Heat Exchanger


Metalli heat exchangers are available in three common types: air to air, liquid to air, and liquid to liquid. Metalli heat exchangers incorporate a wide range of liquids based upon the application requirements, including but not limited to water, petroleum products, and coolants, utilizing the widest range of fabrication options in the industry from semi-custom to fully custom heat exchangers in a variety of configurations.

Metalli's aluminum heat exchangers offer superior heat transfer. They are vacuum-brazed in an environmentally controlled room for maximum cleanliness, quality, and reliability. With our numerically controlled vacuum brazing process and robust fixture designs, we can ensure complete metallurgical bonding between the fins and the separator plates or flat tubes. This guarantees ruggedness and leak-free operation.

Metalli's main heat exchanger technique includes plate-fin heat exchanger, micro-channel flat tube heat exchanger, vacuum brazed cold plate, tube pressed cold plate and extruded heat sink.


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