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CNC Press Brake

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CNC press brakes or CNC Metal benders are essentially machines designed to bend sheet metal and sheet metal components to various profiles and designs. A press brake is a machine tool used for bending metal parts and sheets up to 10 mm thick. It is composed of a V-shaped or U-shaped die (depending on the desired bending shape) and a punch. The material to be bent is placed on the die and pressed by the punch which then bends the sheet to the selected degree. Metalli’s press brake offers a solution for almost every bending need.

Metalli's CNC press brake capability

◆ Product dimension up to Length*Width*Height 1500*500*500 mm

◆ Wall thickness up to 10 mm

◆ Angle tolerance ±1°

◆ Bottom tool positioning system and Multi-V Tooling packages available

Metalli's CNC press brake capability

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