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Engineering and Design

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Metalli’s engineering team has years of experience in research, design and development thermal management. And we become an extension of your engineering team by partnering with customers. We review your performance, physical envelope, and other technical specifications and fully understand your expectation, cost targets, and implementation requirements. These parameters form the basis for our design process.

Our design engineers use an extensive toolbox of specialized software including thermal modeling software, solid modeling, analytical tools, and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to design high performance and cost-effective solutions to meet your thermal needs.

Thermal engineers work closely with manufacturing engineers early in the design phase to ensure that products meet Designed-for-Manufacturability (DFM) and serviceability. Our concurrent engineering philosophy guarantees we balance thermal and mechanical performance with cost, delivery, and quality yield rate. This approach allows us to get quick from transition prototypes into mass production.


● Technical Specification Identification

We review and identify your performance and other related technical specifications and fully understand your target, implementation and expectations. These parameters input forms the basis for our design process.

● Design Engineering

Our designers use a series of software and analytical tools to create modeling and analyze from parameters, material, performance and issues to best meets your thermal management needs. They work closely with manufacturing team to ensure the design meets DFM.

● Prototyping

Once the design is approved, we fabricate one prototype. Each prototype builds begins with one kick-off meeting in which everyone including design, manufacturing, quality, facility, purchasing and sales involved, understands the job tasks.

● Testing

Our testing lab can test thermal performance and related technical parameters after the prototype is finished.

● Production

Once in production, we work constantly with you to support the product development. We keep on improving the design based on your feedback, cost-down and developing the next generation product.

Air cooler heat exchanger package design 2.8 (1)

Engineering and Design Capability

Design Thermal Solutions

Environmental Tests

Thermal Analysis (CFD)

Mechanical Tests

Mechanical Analysis (FEA)

Airflow / Temperature Test

Multi-physics Analysis

RF/EMI Analysis

Mechanical analysis 2.8 (2)Thermal simulation 2.8 (3)

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