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Controlled Atmosphere Brazing

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Controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) is a joining technology that uses a molten filler metal – copper, silver, etc. – to bond two materials. Unlike regular brazing, CAB is conducted in a special atmosphere. This allows the filler metal to solidify and seal a joint without oxidizing.

Metalli’s CAB process capability limits

◆ Maximum product size covering 6000*1500*1500 mm Length*Width*Height

◆ Owns 2 CAB brazing line, covering production capacity 100 tons per month

◆ Appropriate aluminum alloys: Core alloys: AA3003,6060,6061,6063,6951, Cladding alloys (Brazing alloys): AA4045 or AA4343

Typical applications

◆ Condensers or evaporators for automobile air conditioners

◆ Common light weight parallel flow heat exchangers

◆ Liquid cold plates

◆ Automobile radiators

◆ Other appropriate heat exchangers

Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnace 2.2 (1)

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