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Vacuum Aluminum Brazed Cold Plate

Metalli's cold plate technologies include vacuum or controlled atomsphere brazed cold plate, Friction Stir Welded (FSW) performance-fin cold plates, flat tube cold plates, press copper tubed cold plates, copper cold plates.

Metalli's cold paltes are widely used in power electronics, ev battery, data center, medical equipment, lasers and wind turbines.

100% customized as your requirements. Support OEM/ODM. 100% meets the standards of GB, SGS, CE.

Product name : Vacuum Brazed Cold Plates water cooling block aluminum

                                                     PRODUCT DESCRIPTION






Aluminum alloy 3003, 6063,6061


Dimension (L*W*T)

Up to 500*500*15 mm


Cooling Capacity

500 to 1500 W


Working Pressure

3 to 4 bars



0.15 mm


Surface roughness

3.2 um


Flow rate

5 to 10 L/min


Manufacturing Method

CNC machining Plus vacuum brazing


Joining Method

Vacuum Brazing


Cooling Method

Liquid cooling


Surface Finish

Mill finish or anodization



Deionized Water,Inhibited Glycol and   Water,Dielectric fluid


Warranty time

1 year


Place of Region

Jiangsu province of China


Reference Standard

GB/T 3190-2008,GB/T 14846-2008,ISO 2768

Metalli offers a variety of cold plate technologies, including performance fin cold plates and chassis that are vacuum brazed or controlled atmosphere brazed and CNC machined. Another option is the Friction Stir Welded (FSW) performance-fin cold plates and chassis. Flat tube cold plates, press lock Copper tubed cold plates, and vacuum brazed and CNC machined copper cold plates are also available. Stamped and vacuum brazed cold plates, gun-drilled custom cold plates, and custom channeled cold plates with a ladder configuration are additional options. Inner-Finned Brazed Cold Plates, aluminum extruded and welded or brazed cold plates, and aluminum die casting and welded or brazed cold plates are also part of Metalli's offerings.

Copper Cpu Water Cooling Block liquid cooling system

▲ Components for vacuum brazed cold plate

Aluminum electric vacuum-brazed water liquid cold cooling plate

▲ Stamped and vacuum brazed cold plate

Igbt And Cpu Cooling Aluminum Copper Pipe Water Cold Plate With Pressed Tube Cold Plate Refrigeration

▲ Copper tubed cold plate


                                  ▲ Radiator                                                                          ▲ Pump

Brief of a liquid cooling system

Water cooling, also called liquid cooling, is a method used to lower the temperature of computer processor units (CPUs), and sometimes graphics processor units (GPUs). This process uses water rather than air as the cooling medium because water can conduct heat about 30 times faster than air. Additionally, a water cooling system allows computer components to run at higher speeds while reducing system noise.

All electronics generate heat during operation. As computer components get faster and smaller, the amount of heat generated increases and it is more concentrated in smaller areas. Traditionally, the heat was removed from the components using air cooling, with heat sinks, heat pipes and fans to cool the system. However, some computer systems generate more heat than traditional air cooling can dissipate. This is common in overclocked, multiple GPU or high-density systems. For these high-performance systems, water cooling can remove heat faster and more efficiently allowing these systems to run faster, cooler and quieter.

In water cooled systems a liquid, usually water, is pumped through pipes. The liquid takes the heat from the components and dissipates it in a radiator. It operates on the same principal as the engine cooling system in a car where coolant is pumped through the engine and to the radiator.

Water cooling is most common in personal computers and computers designed for video games because it allows for overclocking the CPU and GPU while keeping the components cool. This can increase the lifespan of the components and it also allows for extremely small systems to be built with high-power components.

Thermal simulation for cold plate

▲ Thermal simulation for cold plate

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