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How Are Finned Heat Exchangers Manufactured?

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In finned heat exchangers, the fins are typically made of copper, stainless steel, or aluminum alloy, with most heat exchangers utilizing aluminum alloy as the material for fins, referred to as "aluminum foil". The thickness of aluminum foil varies depending on different operating conditions of the air cooler, generally ranging from 0.10 to 0.3mm. The thickness of the aluminum foil directly affects the cooling capacity of the heat exchanger. The production of aluminum foil involves specialized forming presses.


The manufacturing process of fins entails feeding aluminum strips into high-speed presses and then progressively stamping and cutting them into shape. To enhance the heat exchange area and efficiency, different shaping styles are employed for aluminum foil depending on the molding dies used. In the refrigeration industry, fins generally adopt two forms: corrugated and louvered. Nanjing Mstirling utilizes louvered fins, mainly employed in evaporators to significantly boost heat exchange efficiency. These fins have strict requirements on mold design concerning their window height, angle, and direction. The finished fins are inserted into copper tubes and assembled into a complete heat exchanger core after undergoing tube expansion processes.

Nanjing Mstirling has strict requirements for copper tubes as well, selecting internally threaded copper tubes most suitable for its fin hole arrangement. The high-efficiency louvered fins, combined with internally threaded copper tubes to increase internal heat exchange area, enable the condenser products of Nanjing Mstirling to achieve industry-leading heat exchange efficiency. Furthermore, Nanjing Mstirling's team utilizes advanced foreign software to design and optimize pipeline circuits according to the size and operating conditions of the heat exchangers, coupled with the uniform refrigerant distribution effect of Sporlan distributors, further boosting heat transfer. Currently, Nanjing Mstirling is dedicated to the research, development, and production of high-efficiency heat exchange equipment, adhering to "cooling capacity", the key indicator for equipment selection crucial to users.


This commitment serves as a guiding force in an industry where heat exchange areas are often overstated. Nanjing Mstirling is a specialized company engaged in the research, development, design, production, and sales of refrigeration equipment, providing one-stop solutions for cold chain cold storage, focusing on controlled atmosphere cold storage, fresh-keeping cold storage, refrigerated cold storage, quick-frozen cold storage, pharmaceutical cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage, and automated intelligent three-dimensional cold storage design and installation.

Nanjing Mstirling's factory specializes in the production of cold air coolers, condensers, refrigeration units, barrel pump units, screw parallel units, and evaporative cooling, widely applied in food processing, refrigeration, medical, chemical, cold chain logistics, and other industries. It is committed to providing customers with efficient, safe, and reliable products, devising comprehensive and flexible solutions and services.

Additionally, it designs and provides customers with various environmentally friendly and energy-saving refrigeration system solutions tailored to their needs.


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