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Customized T Slot Extrusion Window Door Aluminum

Metalli has been focusing on metal fabrication and thermal management field over 10 years. Our capabilities cover a wide range that provide you one-stop solution quicker and easier.

T-slot aluminum extrusion is a structural fabrication material that utilizes an engineered cross-sectional profile that is both strong and versatile in its use. The T-slot is used mostly for mounting and fastening a wide variety of accessories and panels to the aluminum extrusion.

All products can be customized as your requirements. Support OEM/ODM. Free sample available. 100% meets the standards of GB, SGS, CE.

Product Name: V Slot Industrial Aluminum Profile Extrusion Frame T Slot

  • High-strength European standard aluminum profile, the surface is anodized, the surface is smooth and clean.

  • Applications: automation equipment, professional 3D printers, workbenches, lasers, brackets, furniture and other machinery, fitness equipment, precision printers, automatic cutting machines, fish tanks, aquariums, etc.

  • Made of 6063-T5 material, T-slots are smooth, corrosion resistant, smooth edges, and durable.

  • Please contact us if you have any questions, we will serve you within 24 hours.

In short, T-slot aluminum forms the basis of the frame system used to create 3D structural assemblies made from various extruded and fabricated aluminum parts. With this system, each section of extruded aluminum contains one or more T-shaped indentations or slots into which various accessories (also with a "T" at the end?) are conveniently mounted and can be slid up and down as needed. This allows you to interconnect other T-slot aluminum parts into the most complex configurations without having to clamp and weld them together as you would with steel parts.

3-2020 Aluminum Extrusion T Slot

Benefits of using T-slot extrusion

Aluminum T-slots are durable:

Because aluminum weighs only ⅓ of steel, it can be forged to pound-for-pound strength. Aluminum has been shown to increase strength at extremely low temperatures. This includes tensile strength, yield strength and impact strength. And since it is not easily corroded, it can be used for a long time in wet places.

Aluminum T-slots are easy to cut:

Research shows that aluminum is three times more difficult to machine than iron or steel. Since aluminum profiles are easy to cut, you can also save money by purchasing longer units of T-slots and cutting to size as needed.

Aluminum T-slots are modular:

T-slot aluminum profiles are modular and easy to use without special training or a lot of effort. You simply insert the connector into the T-slot extrusion and tighten it with your own equipment. The final product will not crack or fall apart on its own and can be easily re-adjusted for different designs if needed.

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