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Vacuum Brazed Aluminum Alloy Plate Fin Heat Exchanger

Metalli has been focusing on thermal management field over 10 years. Our capabilities cover a wide range that provide you one-stop solution quicker and easier.

Advantages of Metalli's plate fin heat exchangers:
• High heat transfer efficiency especially in gas treatment
• Larger heat transfer area
• Approximately 5 times lighter in weight than that of shell and tube heat exchanger.
• Able to withstand high pressure

100% customized as your requirements. Support OEM/ODM. 100% meets the standards of GB, SGS, CE.

Product name : Vacuum brazed aluminum alloy plate fin heat exchanger cooler for forestry machinery wood-falling machine

Product Description for   Plate Fin Heat Exchanger


Core Thickness

Outer fins height

Inner fins height

Parting Sheet thickness

Max. working pressure

Working temperature


38 to 180 mm




40 bar

-10℃ to 120℃


38 to 180 mm




25 bar

0℃ to 120℃


38 to 180 mm




20 bar

-10℃ to 160℃

What are the manufacturing methods available for plate-fin heat exchanger?

plate fin heat exchanger technologies include

Plate fin heat exchangers can be built by stacking the layers of corrugated fins separated by parting sheets and side bars are used for sealing the all around edges.

Metalli's plate fin heat exchanger technologies include

◆ Vacuum brazed and arc welding

◆ Controlled atmosphere brazed and arc welded

◆ Aluminum die casting for tanks manufacturing

◆ Aluminum extrusion for side bars manufacturing

◆ Sheet metal fabrication for shroud and other parts manufacturing

About plate fin heat exchanger

About plate fin heat exchanger

Info About plate fin heat exchanger

A plate-fin heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger design that uses plates and finned chambers to transfer heat between fluids, most commonly gases. This type of heat exchanger utilizes plates and chambers with fins to transfer heat between fluids, usually gases. Its design emphasizes a high heat transfer surface area to volume ratio, making it a compact heat exchanger. 

Due to its lightweight properties and small size, the plate-fin heat exchanger is commonly used in the aerospace industry. It is also utilized in cryogenics, where its ability to transfer heat with small temperature differences is beneficial. The Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchanger, made of aluminum alloy, has been used in the aircraft industry for over 60 years and has since been adopted into cryogenic air separation and chemical plants for Natural Gas Processing.

Metalli’s plate fin heat exchangers are widely used in below fields

●   Construction Equipment

●   Agricultural and forestry machinery

●   Green Energy

●   Railway vehicles

●   Compressor Dryers

●   Hydraulic Systems

●   Auto Industry

●   Air Separation Chemical Industry

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