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Round Fin Heat Sink Heat Exchanger

We develope and manufacture a variety of aluminum heat sinks used in applications including power modules, electronics devices and many other cooling systems. 

Whether you are looking for quality manufacturing on your custom designed aluminum heatsinks, or seeking early assistance in heatsink design, feel free to contact us. Our team of engineers and sales support staff are here to help.

We can customize heat sink as your requirements. Support OEM/OEM. 100% meets the standards of GB, SGS, CE.







Aluminum alloy 6060,6061,6063,T3,T5


Dimension (Diameter*H)

Up to Φ200*120 mm


Fin Spacing

Minimum 2.5 mm


Fin thickness

Minimum 1.5 mm


Cooling Capacity

Up to 600 W


Flatness for mounting surface

0.15 mm


Manufacturing Method

Aluminum extrusion PLUS further cnc machining if needed


Cooling Method

Natural or forced air cooling


Surface Finish

Mill finish,anodization,painting or powder coating


Warranty time

1 year


Place of Region

Jiangsu province of China


Reference Standard

GB/T 3190-2008,GB/T 14846-2008,ISO 2768

Metalli’s heat sink technologies include

◆ CNC machined aluminum fins heat sink

◆ Skived aluminum heat sink

◆ Vacuum brazed bonded aluminum fins heat sink

◆ Extruded aluminum heat sink

◆ Die casting aluminum heat sink

◆ Epoxy glued bonded aluminum fin heat sink

Product Description for heat sink 12007 to 12008 1

▲ Copper heat sink                            

Metalli’s manufacture a wide range of heat sink include

● Cpu gpu ram heat sink

● Led aluminum heat sink

● Heat sink aluminum enclosure

● Copper heat pipe heat sink

● Liquid water cooling heat sink

● Inverter Aluminum Heatsink

● Other custom heat sinks

Product Description for heat sink 12007 to 12008 2

▲ Skived aluminum heat sink with copper heat pipe

Product Description: Round Fin Heat Sink Heat Exchanger

Key Features:

1. Round Fin Design: Our Round Fin Heat Sink Heat Exchanger features a unique round fin design. This design maximizes the surface area for heat dissipation, allowing for efficient heat transfer and enhanced cooling performance. The round fin configuration also promotes better airflow and minimizes pressure drop.

2. High Thermal Conductivity: Our heat exchanger is made from high-quality materials with excellent thermal conductivity. This ensures efficient heat transfer, allowing for rapid cooling and temperature regulation in your system. The high thermal conductivity of our heat exchanger ensures optimal performance even in demanding industrial environments.

3. Customizable Options: We understand that different applications have unique requirements. That's why our Round Fin Heat Sink Heat Exchanger offers customizable options. From varying fin densities to different material choices, we can tailor the heat exchanger to meet your specific needs and ensure optimal performance in your system.

4. Durability and Longevity: Our heat exchanger is built to last. It is constructed with durable materials that can withstand harsh operating conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. The robust design of our heat exchanger guarantees its longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

5. Wide Range of Applications: Our Round Fin Heat Sink Heat Exchanger is suitable for a wide range of applications, including electronics cooling, power generation, HVAC systems, and more. Whether you need to dissipate heat from electronic components or regulate temperatures in industrial processes, our heat exchanger can meet your needs.

6. Energy Efficiency: Our heat exchanger is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It maximizes heat transfer efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. By efficiently dissipating heat, our heat exchanger helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of your system.

Invest in our Round Fin Heat Sink Heat Exchanger to enhance the cooling and temperature control capabilities of your system. Its unique round fin design, high thermal conductivity, durability, and customizable options make it the ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications.

Contact us today to learn more about our Round Fin Heat Sink Heat Exchanger and how it can optimize the performance of your system. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your heat transfer needs.

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