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Customized Bending Extrusion Profiles

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In this successful story, our customer is from the the United Kingdom, we explored a case where a customer approached a bending profile in need of a customized radius. We utilized bending processing techniques to meet their requirements. Through close collaboration, designing, and adjustments to the drawings, we successfully delivered a solution that exceeded the customer's expectations.


The profiles will be a little deformed after bending which may cause assembly problems



1. Design and Adjustments:

Two suggestions provided which can be of help to reduce deformation

1) One is to increase the thickness from 1.28mm to 2.3mm;

2) Another is to increase the open slot width.

2. Bending Processing:

We normally put nylon inside as fillings while bending to keep the deformation as minimum as possible

3. Quality Assurance:

Throughout the process, we adhered to rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the highest standards. Our skilled technicians conducted frequent inspections to identify any imperfections or deviations from design specifications, thus ensuring that the custom product met the required parameters. Several samples were provided for the testing purpose before mass production but with the mold investment.

Customer's Positive Feedback:


“We are delighted to express our satisfaction with working alongside Metalli. Their prompt responsiveness is commendable. What sets them apart is their assistance in designing and building prototypes prior to mass production. This invaluable service has significantly saved us time and costs.”


This case study of bending extrusion profiles demonstrates the effectiveness of customization and close collaboration between a manufacturer and an extrusion company. By utilizing bending processing techniques, meticulous design adjustments, and rigorous quality control measures, we achieved outstanding results that surpassed our customer's expectations.

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