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Custom Extruded Aluminum Frame Solar Panel

Metalli has been focusing on metal fabrication and thermal management field over 10 years. Our capabilities cover a wide range that provide you one-stop solution quicker and easier.

Metalli's extrusion press covers from 630 T to 6300 T which are capable of extruding circumscribing circle diameter from 60 to 400mm. Applicable alloys: AA6060, 6061, 6063, 3003, 1060, 1070, temper: F, T3, T5, T6.

100% customized as your requirements. Support OEM/ODM. Free sample available. 100% meets the standards of GB, SGS, CE.

Product Name

Custom Extruded Aluminum Frame Solar Panel


T5, T6




±1%, or Customized


Aluminum Alloy 6 Series

Processing Service

Bending, drilling, Punching, Welding, Milling, Cutting, CNC Machining, Assembly etc.


ASTM, JIS, DIN, GB, or Customized etc.


Mill, Anodized, Powder Coated, etc.


≤13 meters or Customized Size


Machinery Equipment, Industriy, Construction, Electric Power and Electronics, Transportation etc.

Delivery Time

15-25 days or to be negotiated

5-Aluminum Profiles For Solar Support Frame

Definition of aluminum profiles for solar panels

Solar panel frame is also known as solar panel aluminum frame, it is the most important part in solar panel assembly. Solar Panel Review Aluminum Profile is an extruded aluminum frame used to seal and hold solar module components. It protects solar cells and glass from damage and breakage.

Also, framed PV panels are better protected during transportation compared to frameless solar panels. As a result, more and more thin-film solar companies are willing to use frames in their new solar panel designs.

Benefits of Solar Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Innovations in aluminum extrusion technology provide greater stability for solar panels on site. To maximize efficiency, solar panels need to be positioned with extreme precision. Even if the position is slightly shifted, the output potential of the power supply will be reduced by a few percent.

5-Aluminium Extruded Profile

Frames and brackets made from extruded aluminum are lighter than other metals, so aluminum solar panel frames are easier to transport and assemble in remote areas where large solar power plants are common. This lightweight feature can also be used for rooftop solar installations, where the building specifications of these buildings have limited ability to support the additional weight of the panels and substructure.

Aluminum is corrosion resistant, which adds to the weather ability advantage of these solar panel structures.

The malleability of aluminum allows flexible design of solar panel supports and frames. Extruded aluminum tubes can be joined at atypical and precise angles while requiring fewer parts and connections. This provides the necessary precision for the alignment of the solar panels for maximum energy output.

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