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Aluminum Die Casting Parts


Aluminum die casting is the method of choice for many automotive, industrial, and telecommunications products. It's also often used to produce electrical, hydraulic, and lighting components.

If you would like to know more about the aluminum die casting process or parts and would like some help deciding if it is the right choice for your application, you're in the right place.

Aluminum die casting is a metal-forming process that allows for the creation of complex aluminum parts. Ingots of aluminum alloy are heated to very high temperatures until they are entirely molten.

Metalli's aluminum die casting capabilities

● Product dimension up to 500*500*300 mm Length*Width*Height

● Wall thickness minimal 2 mm

● Die casting machines range from 80 Ton to 1200 Ton

● Aluminum and zinc die casting parts from 5 g to 10 kg depending on your specific needs

● Further process like machining, stamping is available in house

● Tools design and manufacturing in house

● Surface treatment blasting and powder coating available in house

● Typical alloys like A360/A380/A383/A413/ADC12 or other custom alloys are available


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